Using Warlocks and Workouts for Families, and in School Classrooms


Warlocks and Workouts is an adventure story which listeners follow along to with exercises.
As the story progresses, the main character (a thief) will squat under poisonous vines, jump over blade traps, punch goblins, perform planks over ancient puzzle mechanisms, and interact with a variety of boss characters and monsters, all within a Young Adult writing style.

Teachers and Educators are granted permission to use a single license of Warlocks and Workouts for classes of up to 100 students under the age of 18.
This permission can be used anywhere in the world, for the purpose of exercise.

As with all users of this product (or any), usage of the product should be under supervision of trained professionals.

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Making fitness fun

The main reason why this book was created was to take the repetition and boredom out of fitness routines. Not everyone has the will power to push through multiple sets of sprints, jumps and pushups without starting to feel distracted or letting negative thoughts creep in.

Warlocks and Workouts distracts from the sweat and tiredness through storytelling. For instance:

  • Instead of Pushups, the hero is fighting magic hands which pull them to the floor
  • Instead of Burpees, the hero is ducking under and jumping over attacks from goblins
  • Instead of lunges, the hero is carefully moving along a rickety wooden beam
  • Instead of Planks, the hero is hiding in a shadow and trying not to be spotted
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You Punch out at the goblin as you begin to feel the rumble of the canal gates close.
...It dodges several of your attacks then punches your stomach with its bony mitts.

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This story has been written with a young adult audience in mind. We used "Indiana Jones" style logic in a lot of the combat, leaning towards slapstick violence for encounters.
This means:
  • There is no death of humanoid creatures in the story
  • Whenever a fight occurs, blades miss or malfunction, causing them to be discarded
  • Enemy minions like goblins are dealth with through punches. When they're defeated, they are knocked out and start snoring
  • The defeat of monsters like one giant eel occurs out of the story, offscreen
  • Skeletal summons from Grizumund dissolve to magic
  • The worst word used in the entire book is 'Damn'

That said, there are spiders, snakes, skeletons, spikes, giant clockwork monsters, and weapons in the story. Consider your audience when introducing this content.

Getting Started

Families are welcome to use the Podcast for free.
Teachers and educators can buy the audiobook at any of the retailer links below.
If a transcript is required, one can be picked up via Amazon here

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Warlocks and Workouts - A litrpg hiit fitness adventure

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A litrpg hiit fitness adventure
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