Tutorial Tavern - Chapter 1 (transcript)

Tutorial Tavern - Chapter 1 (transcript)

Welcome to the Warlocks and Workouts Tutorial Tavern side quest!

Before each chapter, you’ll be given an optional tutorial of the new workouts you’re about to perform. This gives you the opportunity to practice before diving into the action.

If you’re familiar with the workouts, you can skip this tutorial without missing any of the main story. If you’re new to some exercises, you might find it more useful to complete the entire side quest story up front.

All these tutorials occur in a different time and place, in a tavern in the middle of nowhere. Ready? Lets go!


Tutorial Tavern, chapter 1:

In this first chapter you’ll be doing Ladder climbs, Bear crawls, crunch punches, bicycle crunches, Jumps, high planks, mountain climbers, squats and running.

It’s late evening. You’re standing in a patch of darkness inside the tavern’s impressively large stable, watching the guard patrol around a luggage-laden stagecoach several stalls down.

Even this far from the tavern, the sound from travellers eating and arguing drowns out most other noises. It’s the perfect time for a thief like yourself, as long as you can get close to the luggage without being spotted.

Ladder Climbs:

Exercise Breakdown: Ladder Climbs

This exercise is like climbing a ladder really fast, which is convenient, because there’s a simple ladder next to you leading up to the stable’s hayloft. You begin by standing with both arms stretched high in the air.

Next, you lift your right knee up so it’s almost at your hip, and bring your right elbow down so it’s almost at your right knee.

Now you switch sides, so that your left knee is almost touching your left elbow, and your right arm and right leg are extended.

You climb up the ladder, switching back and forth between left and right sides, and moving as fast as you feel comfortable. Almost to the top now. 5 seconds, 4, 3, 2, 1 and Break.

You step off the ladder into the hayloft criss-crossed by low beams of wood. Just beyond the beams, the loft opens up, and you see piles of hay stacked at different heights.

Bear crawls

Exercise Breakdown: Bear crawls

This exercise is about supporting your bodyweight by crawling on your hands and feet. You’re at the beginning of the loft, preparing to crawl underneath the low ceiling beams. You start in a kneeling position with your hands on the floor just in front of your knees.

Next, you extend your left arm to a spot on the floor in front of you, and extend your left leg back, so your left hand and the balls of your left foot are touching the ground. Finally, you slowly lift your right knee off the ground. That’s your starting position.

You look towards the end of the cramped section of the loft, and try moving forward. Slowly, you push off with your right foot, and, as you start to move forward, you lift your right hand and place it on the floor ahead of you. By now, you’ve noticed your left knee has caught up to your left hand. Next, you try pushing off with your left foot, which moves you forward again.

1, aaand.. 2… 1, aaandd 2.

You’re not worried that you feel a little awkward with this movement. Even for a thief who’s used to sneaking about, it can take a while for new movements to start feeling smooth. You approach the end of the low beams and prepare to finish your bear crawls. 3 seconds, 2, 1 and Break

You clamber out from the last of the beams into the hay-strewn section of the loft. One pile of hay rustles.

Punch Crunches

Exercise Breakdown: Crunch Punches

If you’re on a hard floor, you may find a towel or yoga mat helpful for this exercise.

You see one of the piles rustle again, then with an explosion of straw, a squat green figure jumps out, startling you. It’s a goblin!

You drop to the floor on your back and bring your knees up so your feet are flat on the floor, and heels are close to your butt. Next, you bring your elbows together in front of you, so your palms are in front of your face. You close your fists, engage your stomach, and try to punch your right fist to a point just above your left knee, just as the green assassin leaps at you. pow!

Now you drop back to the floor, bring your fists back above your face, then crunch your stomach back up and punch the goblin just above your right knee with your left fist.

Yeah! Right in that goblins face! It hisses, and you give it a few more bops. 3 seconds, 2 seconds, 1 second And… break!

The goblin runs off into the shadows.

Bicycle crunches

Exercise Breakdown: Bicycle crunches

For bicycle crunches, you start on your back with your hands behind your head with elbows out to the side. Next you, bring your knees up just above your hips, like you’re sitting on some chair that’s fallen over. There’s movement in the corner of the room, and the goblin reappears, wielding an old broom. It charges at you. As it nears, You crunch your stomach, and bring your right elbow to your left knee as you kick out with your right leg.

Next, you twist to the other side, bringing your left elbow to your right knee, while kicking out with your left leg. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2! The broom goes flying, the goblin squeals, and stumbles back. It overbalances as it hits the edge of the loft, then with an angry cry, it falls to the ground below. break!

Even through the noise of the inn nearby, you can hear the shout of alarm from the guard. There’s a CRASH from the stable below, and you see the goblin sprinting across the grass, heading into the nearby fields.

High Knees

Exercise Breakdown: High Knees

This exercise can be done in place if you’re low on space. With the goblin out of the way and the guard temporarily distracted, you can move further through the hayloft to the rafters above the coach.

You begin in a standing position with your feet comfortably apart. Next, you Lift your right leg up so that your knee is above your hips. Now bring it back down, and as you do so, lift your left knee up past hip height.

For a low impact alternative, slow down the speed, and extend your legs straight out in front of you. With each leg raise, tap your toes with your hand. You keep doing these high knees as you step through the drifts of straw in the hayloft.

1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2!

The hay comes up to your calves as you step through, but you make progress.

3, 2, 1 and Break!

You make it through the hay and move to the edge of the hayloft. Only a few rafters separate you and the luggage-laden coach below.


Exercise Breakdown: Jumps

If you’re working out in tight spaces, jumps up and down will work just as well as jumps forward. You’re only yards away from the top of the coach. Just a few wooden rafters separate you, and you should easily be able to leap across them and land on top without the guard noticing. Now that you’re closer, you see a small chest amongst the luggage.

You approach the edge and prepare. You stand with your knees slightly bent, and arms slightly behind your hips. When you’re ready, you swing your arms forward and upward, and jump up from the balls of your feet.

When you land, you try to land on the balls of your feet. Jump!

For a low impact alternative, you can perform squats instead, and lift one of your legs as you stand. You jump to another rafter. The quieter your landing, the better your jump. You’re almost to the coach. 3, 2, 1 and Break!

You land on the roof. It shifts under your weight, and you see the guard turn his attention back towards you.

High Plank

Exercise Breakdown: High Plank

High planks are great for situations where you need to stay low and hidden. You start by dropping to your knees, then moving to a pushup position.

Your arms are stretched out below your shoulders, supporting your upper body, and your feet are holding up your lower half, like a straight bridge. You hold the position as the guard approaches the coach.

You hear him mutter, then move past.

3, 2, 1 break!

Mountain Climbers

Exercise Breakdown: Mountain Climbers

The guard’s footsteps continue past the rear of the coach and deeper into the stable. Now’s your chance! You move to the small chest. It’s wedged between two cases of luggage so tightly there’s no way it’ll open without you getting it out first.

You drop into a pushup position, with your hands below your shoulders and your feet supporting the rest of your body.

Next, you bring your right knee in, so it’s just below your ribs. The knee collides with the little treasure box, and it budges a little. Now, as you extend your right leg back out, you bring your left knee in. You repeat these movements, 1, 2, 1, 2, kneeing the treasure chest and dislodging it in 3, 2, 1 break!

The little chest slides free. You hear a whistled melody as the guard continues wandering around the far end of the stable. You’ve still got time!


Exercise Breakdown: Squats

You begin your squat by standing with your feet around shoulder width apart. The small chest amongst the luggage is in front of you, but the hinges are stuck. You slowly lower your butt, trying to keep your back straight until you’re almost in a seated pose. You pause for a moment, then stand back up. The hinge resists. You repeat your squats, grabbing onto the lid and wrenching it up with each squat. 3 seconds 2, 1, and break!

You quickly rummage through the chest. There’s a few scrolls and, disappointingly, only a handful of loose silvers rattling around at the bottom of the container. You dismiss the scrolls and snatch up the coins, then quietly close the chest and prepare your escape.

The guard returns from his patrol. His whistling has grown more off key.


Exercise Breakdown: Jogging & Sprints

Jogging and sprinting exercises can be done on the spot when exercising in places without much space. For a low impact modifier, try quick squats.

As the guard moves around to the front of the coach, you quietly creep to the back of the coach and drop to the ground, and jog into the shadows. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2. The guard turns as the coach shifts again, but too late to notice your shape disappear into the shadows. 3, 2, 1 break.

Clutching your new prize, you move from the stables back towards the Tavern. The noise of discussion, arguments and merriment envelop you as you step through the back door. Unseen and unnoticed. The door clicks shut behind you.

This is the end of the first tutorial. The rest of the tutorials will follow this specific story. This is the longest tutorial in the book, so if you feel like this is enough for today, that’s absolutely okay! This book is about moving at your own pace.

Now, Onward to the First Chapter of Warlocks and Workouts!


If you’re curious about the side quest we’ve built around the tutorials, feel free to complete them all up front - we’ve put as much love into it as the rest of the book!

These tutorials are set around a little side quest, so if you’re interested, you can complete the entire series before jumping into the main book. We’ve put as much love into it as the rest of the book and we hope you enjoy it!

This is chapter 1 of the 6 tutorial chapters for Warlocks and Workouts. If you’ve played Ring Fit Adventure, tried Zombies run! or Aaptiv, this might be just what you’re looking for

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